Best Medical Alert Systems Review 2013

Getting into emergencies is usual in daily life and in any household. This applies especially so if you have elders at home or even physically disabled individuals living with you. We do not have to sacrifice the health of these individuals. Everybody should be given the equal chance to live and give signals during emergencies.

It is often hard to just leave our elders to the care of health workers or social workers. With the many demands they may have, we need a tool to assist your elders and other individuals who need help. You have to make it a point you invest on something that is worth your money and security. Now, you have assistance with medical alert systems.

Medical alert systems are considered very useful especially during periods of emergencies. They send a message so that help will be delivered “to whom it may concern”. It is a device that is very important nowadays because of its many uses.

The Uses of Medical Alert Systems

Primarily, the purpose of medical alert systems is to make you confident while leaving your elders (or anyone who is ill in your family) at home. There are errands you need to address at many point in your lives and often you are burdened of not being able to do them because of the fear of leaving these people at home with no one to care for them. With a medical alert system available at home, you can be eased of all these burdens and fears.

Medical alert systems, although made primarily for the use of elders, may also be used by others who are into emergencies more often than usual. Your elders, with this device on hand, will feel more confident to pass on a message without necessary contacting you every time a need arises.

How a Medical Alert System Functions

It is very simple to use provided you know the different parts found in it. It contains a transmitter button which is usually of great help during emergencies. Once pressed, this transmitter button, as the name implies, will relay or transmit the message to a speaker box. This essential part is linked to a telephone system in your home and will automatically dial the stored number that will give you access to the operators from the monitoring center. That very same expert will help address your concern at the moment.

Another essential part in the system is called the panic button. This works the same way as that of the transmitter button but they differ the mere fact that the panic button allows for two-way communication. Meaning to say, you are given the chance to speak to the operator or even to your family members when needed.

Choosing Medical Alert Systems

Many companies have already offered medical alert systems to many households. It is crucial though to learn how to choose one. A few good tips might help you in this regard.

First tip – Look at the price connected to your purchase. Will this price be comparative to other medical alert systems out there? Could it be too pricey for your needs?

Second tip – Consider the parts that are found in the medical alert device. Are there panic and transmitter buttons in place or is it just a one-way communication device?

Third tip – Know who will benefit from the device you are going to buy. Are you all entitled to use it for your emergencies?

In line with all these, we have provided a list of the best medical alert systems you may run to.

#1 – LifeStation

This product is something that you should look forward to in the world of medical alert systems. This is simply because you get easy instructions when it comes to using their devices. All you have to do is press the help button then get assistance and you are sure that help will be on the way just in time when you need it. LifeStation promises you will get monitoring excellence with the product you have purchased. You can even call any time of the day and be sure there is someone to answer your calls and respond to your emergencies right away.

The system also comes with a waterproof button. This is a feature to love that comes with your purchase. You can even wear it as wristband or neck pendant and it will work just as you want to your advantage. Many medical alert systems out there offer separate products for a medical alert necklace or pendant but LifeStation maximizes theirs by making sure you can turn your device into a neck pendant or wrist band, whichever suits your needs.

Order medical alert systems from LifeStation for as low as $25.95 per month.

#2 – LifeFone

LifeFone is another medical alert system that will give you much ease for home emergencies. It has been in this business for 35 years thus guaranteeing you get the best out of your medical alert systems. You need not pay activation fees just to get this device for you. It also comes with an emergency care plan that has been customized depending on your needs for a medical alert system. You can even discontinue the service anytime you are not satisfied their services; no need to call them.

It works the same way as other medical alert systems out there in that you get response from a LifeFone representative once you hit that emergency button. Help will be right there too when you need it.

Get LifeFone medical alert systems at a price of $24.95 per annum. Check on the items included in each system too.

#3 – Lifeline Standard Medical Alert Service

Completing our list of the best medical alert systems is that which comes from a company called Lifeline. This medical alert system is guaranteed to make you comfortable at home even at the most challenging times when you will need medical help for any emergency. It responds to your every call, whether it be a fall, an asthma attack or the like.

There are personal help buttons in each device they offer. You are also given communicator options that will suit your needs. Auto alert options are also available.

Contact Lifeline for pricing of their products.